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Speed / ADSL capability determine using a phone number (neighbor) or address : ADSL Ariase;, DegroupTest, JeChange,Test Debit ,ZoneADSL

Suppliers : Orange, Bouygues, SFR, Free

Overall safety and quality of electrical installations / Sécurité et qualité globales des installations électriques (Promotelec)

Explanation of various issues relating to the electrical installations in the home

Website of the monthly SystemeD

Useful standard letters in French

Remove asbestos - can you do it yourself or not ..... you are not allowed.... (in French ...)

Align antenna ("rake") for French channels

Plus value maison secondaire

Le VIAGER : Comment ça marche? / How it works (in French)

Le viager, an investment - almost - like any other

What if buying through 'viager' offered investors new prospects, at a time when access to credit is becoming increasingly complicated?
One of the main advantages is that you can become a homeowner without having to borrow or have the cash flow.
The principle of buying via 'viager' is that a fixed amount is paid to the seller - the creditor - (called the bouquet) and then an interest every month until his death.
A property via 'viager' is not sold at the normal price per square metre, but at a reduced price, which can range from 25 to 60%, depending on the seller's age.
Thus, the investor must have an amount of money to cover the bouquet at the outset, which amounts to 15 to 20% of the reduced price.
Nevertheless, it is a binding sale for the buyer who has to pay the interest until the end, or his heirs if he dies before the seller.
Otherwise, the seller regains full ownership. Buying via 'viager' also has a tax advantage, but be careful at the time of resale,
the price taken into account is the discounted price for calculating capital gains.

(Source: superimmo.com)

Private water bodies (Plan d'eau): what regulations?

Rules concerning the 'Chambres d'hôtes' (of the french government - in french)

How to become MICRO-ENTREPRENEUR ? (economie.gouv.fr)

What notary fees do you have to pay when buying a property? (In French)

VAT at reduced rates: for which works?

The 'taxe d’aménagement' : calculation method and possible exemptions | economie.gouv.fr


Have work carried out: first have the presence of asbestos checked !!!! (RAT Repérage Avant Travaux) :

  1. https://www.journaldelagence.com/1168402-la-nouvelle-reglementation-amiante-avant-travaux-est-entree-en-vigueur

Rules for subsidies for work (related to energy saving and....):

  1. 2020 : https://www.lci.fr/immobilier/refonte-des-aides-a-la-renovation-energetique-credit-d-impot-prime-a-quoi-aurez-vous-droit-si-vous-faites-des-travaux-en-2020-2129166.html
  2. Financial aid in 2022 to install a tank (in French)

Information and (financial) assistance for energy-related work :

ADIL63 : Espace INFO ENERGIE du Puy-de-Dôme

Anah : Agence nationale de l'habitat

Don't buy a house without looking....


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