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Technical reports

When selling a property object, a report must be made of a number of technical inspections (Dossier Diagnostic Technique). The seller is obliged to have this report drawn up by a technical inspector. Only a company registered and approved as such may carry out these inspections.

This technical report contains the following parts (Which part is part of the report depends on the region and the object):

  • Lead (Plomb) / CREP :

    • The Crep (Constat the Risque d'Exposition au Plomb) is a diagnosis that determines the presence of lead in old paint, in general, in a house.
    • The accommodation (apartments or houses) for which this inspection must be carried out are those for which the building permit was issued before 1 January 1949.
    • Validity: 1 year if lead is found, otherwise unlimited.
  • Asbest (Amiante) :

    • The inspection of the condition of asbestos makes it possible to determine the condition / condition of asbestos-containing materials.
    • The houses that are the subject of an asbestos inspection are dwellings (apartments and individual houses and outbuildings), from which the building permit was issued before 1 July 1997.
    • Validity: depending on the inspection. If no asbestos is found, the validity is unlimited. However, if astbest is present, the owner must check its condition every three years.Termites (Termites)
  • Termites (Termites)

    • This inspection is used to determine the presence of termites in a house.
    • This inspection is necessary when the area in which the building is located is listed as a (possible) risk area. On this page you can see if this inspection is of interest to you: Termites .....
    • Validity: 6 months
  • Exact surface (Metrage loi CARREZ)

    • To determine the exact dimensions of an apartment. The report should also contain information about, for example, the tenants' committee, the financial and technical condition of the building
    • For all apartment buildings / apartment buildings for private and commercial use (with the exception of cellars, garages, parking space and in general rooms or part of an area of less than 8 m2
    • The validity: unlimited.
  • Status of risks and pollution (Formerly 'Natural and technical risks' (risques naturels, miniers et technologiques))

    • The presence of natural risks (flooding, earthquakes), mining and technology (industrial, chemical ...) is a report that informs the buyer or tenant of the risks in the city / place where he / she intends to to buy a house or rent it.

    • For every municipality, the prefect of the department has a list with the risks. This list is available at the town hall.

    • The report must not be older than 6 months at the time of signing the sale (l'acte de vente).
  • Gas installation (installation intérieure du gaz)

    • This inspection is intended to determine the condition of the gas installation (indoors) for the house and outbuildings.
    • This inspection is necessary for a gas installation older than 15 years.
    • Validity: 3 years
  • Electrical installation (installation intérieure de l'électricité)

    • This inspection is intended to determine the condition of the electrical (house) installation with all components.
    • This inspection is necessary for an electrical installation older than 15 years.
    • Validity: 3 years
  • Energy label (diagnostic de performance énergétique (DPE))

    • To determine the amount of energy needed to heat the house and how much CO2 emissions this will produce.
    • To be carried out in all residential houses, with the exception of those dwellings intended to be occupied less than 4 months per year..
    • The validity: 10 years
    • ATTENTION: As of 1 July 2021, the legislation concerning the energy label: energy performance diagnosis (DPE) has changed.
  • Pool security

    • This has been introduced to prevent a child under the age of 5 from entering the water alone and thus preventing the risk of drowning. There are four safety devices that are designated for this purpose: fencing, tarpaulin, roof and alarm.
    • Intended for buildings with private pools, partially or completely buried (private pool, camping, hotel, etc.).
    • The validity: unlimited after installation.

  • Wastewater processing (installation d'assainissement non collectif)

    • Intended to inform the buyer of the state of the wastewater installation of a house and to indicate whether the installation complies with the applicable rules / requirements.
    • To be carried out at houses that are not connected to the sewer because there is either no sewer present, or because it is technically not possible to realize a connection to the sewer.
    • The report must not be older than 3 months at the time of signing the 'promise of sale' (la promesse de vente) or the purchase action (l'acte de vente).
  • Fungi (mérule)

    • Information about the risk of the presence of fungi.
    • Required for all buildings (regions indicated by the prefecture).
    • Validity: no fixed validity
  • Radon gas (soon required)

    • For information about the risk of the presence of radon gas (radioactive, odorless and colorless)
    • The buildings involved, the way of monitoring and the degree of active concentration risk will be determined by regulation.
    • The validity: to be determined
  • Aerial nuisances

    • A new diagnosis for buyers and tenants
    • Since 1 June 2020, a seller or lessor must provide a "noise" diagnosis to the buyer or tenant if the property is located in an airport noise exposure zone.

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