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HTM-63 - Your Handyman

Who looks after your (holiday) home in Puy de Dome (france) when you can not ???

Remodeling / Renovation ???

House Sitter / key management ???

Garden maintenance?

Who can help you with even more ???


HTM - Your Handyman !!!

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It is good to know that when you are at home (in de UK ?) somebody in France is looking after your (holiday) home. Not only the outside, but also the interior.

HTM can do the following things for you:

  • Inspection (incl reports)
  • Solve problems
  • Home furniture assembly service
  • Prepare your house for your holidays
  • Prepare your house for the winter / summer season
  • Substitute
  • Remodeling / Renovation
  • Garden maintenance
  • And more...

Working Area

Our working area is ‘Puy de Dome’ (63) in France, in a radius of about 25 km outside Grandval (about 15 km NW of Ambert).

Inspection and reporting

We check your house on the out and inside using a checklist. With this checklist we are sure to check everything to be checked. This checklist is carefully made by us together with you so all your wishes are in that list. After an inspection we will email you our inspection report within 24 hours. If needed this report will contain pictures of possible problems or defects.

How many inspections per period ??

How many inspections are made by us in a period of time will be decided with/by you.

Bad weather

We can add to the inspection service an extra inspection in case the area of your house in France suffered of bad weather conditions like storm, hail, heavy rain etc.

Solving problems

When we find something during our inspection that is not in order and needs immediate action we will contact you right away by phone. Together we will decide what must be done to fix the problem. This might be:

  • Fix the problem with a temporary fix to prevent worse,
  • Fix the problem immediately if possible,
  • Have an expert fix the problem for you,
  • You take care of the problem yourself,

Assembly service furniture

On returning home, with the purchases of the furniture store (Ikéa, BUT, Alinéa, fly, conforama, etc), all you have to do is to assemble the purchased furniture or ..... Click here to find out more....

Prepare your house for your holidays

Wouldn’t it be nice if your fridge is full with food and drinks as soon as you enter the house? Also nice to have hot water for a refreshing shower, having the heating turned on in winter so the house is warm.

We can fix that, and more, for you. Your holiday starts as soon as you enter the house !!

Prepare your house for the winter / summer season

Also we can ‘close down’ your (holiday) home when your stay is over.


It might happen that you need to be at your house in France for just a very short period of time, i.e. to have somebody service your heating system. We will take care of things for you. We know the country, the people and the language !! We can also check the works for you. 

We can also act as a contact for guest or family who rent your house (or stay in it). And we can be the contact address for the alarm service who is looking after your house using an alarm installation.

Remodeling / Renovation

We can perform alterations, extentions and renovations for you. The most of it we can do ourselves and if not, then we can rely on local craftsmen.

Garden maintenance

The grass grows fine even when you're not there to mow it... And to have to mow grass for 2 days after a long trip is not really attractive. We can help by mowing regularly during your absence. It all keeps looking better when the garden stays tidy and you can relax immediately after arrival.

And more....

The above mentioned points might not cover your needs. If so, please contact us, so we can meet your needs!!

Contact us....

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