Useful tips


Speed / ADSL capability determine using a phone number (neighbor) or address : ADSL Ariase;, DegroupTest, JeChange,Test Debit ,ZoneADSL

Suppliers : Orange, Bouygues, SFR, Free

Overall safety and quality of electrical installations / Sécurité et qualité globales des installations électriques (Promotelec)

Website of the monthly SystemeD

Useful standard letters in French

Remove asbestos - can you do it yourself or not ..... you are not allowed.... (in French ...)

Align antenna ("rake") for French channels

Bloctel: the French version of the "Do not call me" register

Plus value maison secondaire

Le VIAGER : Comment ça marche? / How it works (in French)

Private water bodies (Plan d'eau): what regulations?

Have work carried out: first have the presence of asbestos checked !!!! (RAT Repérage Avant Travaux) :


Rules for subsidies for work related to energy (saving):

  1. Until 2020 :
  2. 2020 :

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